Splitting Monolithic Rails Application to Microservices

Apr 29, 2019


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Why Split a Monolithic Rails Application to Microservices?

Splitting a monolithic Rails application into microservices offers numerous benefits for your business. By breaking down the application into smaller, more manageable components, you can achieve improved scalability, flexibility, and maintainability. Furthermore, microservices allow for independent development, enabling different teams to work concurrently on different parts of the application.

The Process of Splitting a Monolithic Rails Application

Splitting a monolithic Rails application involves a systematic approach with careful planning and execution. Here are the steps we recommend:

  1. Identify Boundaries: Analyze the existing Rails application and identify the different domain areas or components that can be separated into individual microservices. This can be based on business logic, functionality, or data models.
  2. Decouple Dependencies: It's crucial to identify and decouple any dependencies between the identified components. This ensures that each microservice can operate independently without relying on other services.
  3. Data Isolation: Determine how data will be isolated and managed within each microservice. This may involve utilizing separate databases or implementing API endpoints for data communication between services.
  4. Service Communication: Establish reliable communication channels between microservices. This can be achieved through RESTful APIs, message queues, or event-driven architectures.
  5. Testing and Deployment: Develop comprehensive unit tests for each microservice to ensure functionality and compatibility. Implement a sound deployment strategy for deploying the microservices in a controlled and scalable manner.
  6. Monitoring and Maintenance: Set up monitoring tools and establish effective maintenance processes to ensure the smooth operation of the microservices. Regularly monitor performance, identify bottlenecks, and address any issues promptly.

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