Multi Tenancy by using apartment gem

Aug 12, 2020


Welcome to Your SEO Geek's article on multi tenancy using the Apartment Gem! In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the concept of multi tenancy and how the Apartment Gem can help with its implementation. Whether you are a business owner in Buffalo looking for SEO agencies or a SEO expert yourself, understanding multi tenancy is crucial in today's digital landscape.

What is Multi Tenancy?

Multi tenancy refers to a software architecture where a single instance of an application serves multiple clients, known as tenants. Each tenant operates in isolation, unaware of the existence of other tenants. This approach offers numerous benefits, such as cost efficiency, scalability, and easier maintenance.

The Importance of Multi Tenancy in Digital Marketing

In the context of digital marketing, multi tenancy allows businesses to manage multiple websites or online campaigns from a single platform. This streamlines operations, improves productivity, and facilitates data analysis. Whether you are a SEO expert, an agency, or a business owner, leveraging multi tenancy can give you a competitive edge in today's crowded online market.

The Apartment Gem

When it comes to implementing multi tenancy in Ruby on Rails applications, the Apartment Gem is an excellent choice. This powerful gem provides a seamless way to achieve database isolation and easy tenant switching.

Key Features of the Apartment Gem

The Apartment Gem offers a wide range of features that make multi tenancy implementation hassle-free:

  • Database Isolation: Each tenant gets its separate database schema, ensuring data privacy and security.
  • Tenant Switching: Apartment allows you to easily switch between tenants, making it simple to manage and test different environments.
  • Subdomain Support: With subdomain-based tenancy, you can assign a unique subdomain to each tenant for enhanced customization and branding.
  • Tenant Exclusion: Certain databases can be excluded from tenant access, providing flexibility for custom configurations.
  • Schema Search Path: Apartment sets the search path for each request to ensure that the correct tenant's database schema is used.

How to Implement Multi Tenancy with the Apartment Gem

Step 1: Install the Gem

Start by including the Apartment Gem in your Ruby on Rails application's Gemfile. Run bundle install to install the gem.

Step 2: Configure Apartment

Configure the Apartment Gem by adding the necessary settings to config/initializers/apartment.rb. Specify the database adapter, default tenant, and other options as needed.

Step 3: Create Tenants

Create individual tenant databases using the create method provided by the Apartment Gem. Each tenant can have its own unique identifier and schema.

Step 4: Switch Between Tenants

Use the switch! method to easily switch between tenants. This allows you to perform operations or access data specific to a particular tenant.

Step 5: Enjoy Multi Tenancy

With the Apartment Gem properly configured, you can now enjoy the benefits of multi tenancy in your Ruby on Rails application! Scale your business, optimize your digital marketing efforts, and unlock new possibilities with ease.


Multi tenancy using the Apartment Gem is a game-changer for businesses and SEO experts in Buffalo. By leveraging this powerful gem, you can streamline operations, enhance productivity, and stay ahead of the competition. If you're looking for a reliable SEO company in Buffalo, Your SEO Geek is here to help.

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