How to Add Functionality to Ruby Classes with Decorators

Apr 17, 2022

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Understanding Ruby Classes and Decorators

Before we dive into the details of adding functionality to Ruby classes with decorators, let's first understand the basics. Ruby classes are a fundamental building block of object-oriented programming in Ruby. They encapsulate data and behavior, allowing you to create objects with specific attributes and methods.

Decorators, on the other hand, provide a way to modify the behavior of existing classes without changing their structure. They allow you to add new features or modify existing ones dynamically. This can be especially useful when working with third-party libraries or open-source code.

The Benefits of Using Decorators

Using decorators in Ruby classes offers several advantages:

  • Modularity: Decorators allow you to add or remove functionality without modifying the original class.
  • Flexibility: You can apply different decorators to the same class, providing additional functionality in a modular and reusable way.
  • Readability: By separating concerns into different decorators, your code becomes more organized and easier to understand.
  • Code Reusability: Once you've created useful decorators, you can apply them to multiple classes, saving time and effort.

Step-by-Step Guide: Adding Functionality with Decorators

Step 1: Installing the 'decorators' Gem

Before we can start using decorators, we need to install the 'decorators' gem. Open your terminal and run the following command:

gem install decorators

Step 2: Creating the Base Class

Let's begin by creating a basic Ruby class that we will enhance with decorators. In this example, we'll create a 'Car' class with some simple attributes and methods:

class Car attr_accessor :brand, :color, :price def initialize(brand, color, price) @brand = brand @color = color @price = price end def start_engine puts "Starting the engine of #{brand}..." # Additional logic goes here end end

Step 3: Creating Decorators

Now it's time to create our decorators. Decorators are implemented as separate classes that wrap around the base class. Let's create a 'LuxuryCarDecorator' and a 'SportCarDecorator' to add specific functionalities:

require 'decorators' class LuxuryCarDecorator < SimpleDelegator def initialize(car) super(car) end def features puts "Enhancing the #{brand} with luxury features..." # Additional logic goes here end end class SportCarDecorator < SimpleDelegator def initialize(car) super(car) end def top_speed puts "Increasing the top speed of #{brand}..." # Additional logic goes here end end

Step 4: Applying Decorators

Now that we have our decorators ready, let's apply them to our 'Car' class. We can do this by using the 'decorate' method provided by the 'decorators' gem:

car ="Mercedes", "Silver", 50000) decorated_car = LuxuryCarDecorator.decorate(car) decorated_car.features sporty_car ="Ferrari", "Red", 200000) sporty_car.extend(SportCarDecorator) sporty_car.top_speed

Step 5: Testing the Decorated Classes

Finally, let's test our decorated classes:

car.start_engine # Output: Starting the engine of Mercedes... decorated_car.start_engine # Output: Starting the engine of Mercedes... # (additional features) sporty_car.start_engine # Output: Starting the engine of Ferrari... sporty_car.features # Output: NoMethodError: undefined method `features' for # sporty_car.top_speed # Output: Increasing the top speed of Ferrari...


Congratulations! You've successfully learned how to add functionality to Ruby classes with decorators. By utilizing decorators, you can extend the functionality of your classes without modifying their original structure. This approach offers modularity, flexibility, and improved code readability.

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